Back to Business - محمد بن ابراهيم السبيعي

A real businessman does not find any lucrative job comfy no matter what he is paid, so Alsubaie quit that rewarding government job to go back to business. Government jobs at that time are very secure and pay a lot, no one would quit easily.

He asked his brother Abdullah to join him after finishing school to enter the world of business. He had a deal with the ministry of Finance to provide the ministry with formal Saudi dress. Then he diversified his business and penetrated the money exchange market as Makkah has the privilege of the availability of different currencies during Hajj.

Alsubaie’s business journey has 4 major phases; 1 in 1935, when he was 20 years old at Ajudariah market in Makkah. 2 in 1936, when he partnered with Suliman Bin Ghunaim. 3 in 1938, when he decided to establish Mohammad & Abdullah Alsubaie for Money Exchange & Trade with his brother Abdullah. 4 in 2013, when he founded MASIC.