Business Achievements

Alsubaie had many large business achievements admired by businessmen in KSA and Arabian Gulf, some of which are the following:

Financial Sector:

  • Broad wide-ranging relationships with international banks like City Bank, Chemical Bank, HSBC Bank, Republic Bank of New York.
  • Opened the first executive office at Empire State Building in New York to meet KSA requirements of drilling machines for petrol and water.
  • Founded Alsubaie Bank.
  • Co-founder of Alrajhi Banking Company.
  • Co-founder of Aljazirah Bank and board member since 1980.
  • Co-founder of Jadwa Investment Company.
  • Co-founder of Fajr Capital Investment Company.

Industrial & Investment Sector:

  • Co-founder of Shrimp National Company in Alleeth, one of the largest projects to produce shrimps in the world with a capacity of 160500 tons a year being exported internationally and 20800 employees.
  • Co-founder of SABIC.
  • Co-founder of SAFCO.
  • Co-founder of Riyadh Electric Company.
  • Co-founder of C Company, an American company that produced the first device to measure the blood sugar level without pricking.
  • Co-founder of Tabola, an American company that produces semi-conductors. It is one of the largest 50 companies of the world.
  • The first Saudi share holder of ARAMCO in KSA.

Real Estate Sector:

  • Founded and co-founded many real estate projects that helped in developing real estate sector in Saudi Arabia.
  • Built hotels, residential & administrative buildings, developed waste lands, compounds, malls in Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh, Dammam, Khobar, Dawadmi, Kharj and Unaizah.
  • Alsubaie is now building the largest residential and commercial project in Makkah that will accommodate more than 300,000 pilgrims.