Ancestry & Life - محمد بن ابراهيم السبيعي

Ancestry & Childhood:

Mohammad Ibrahim Alsubaie belongs to Subai tribe. He is originally from Unaizah where he was born in 1915, the year called Jrab after a battle won by King Abdulaziz against Ibn Rasheed.

Mohammad’s father, Ibrahim who died with the highest commander in chief of King Abdulaziz, used to work in Almadina Almonawarah. He was traveling a lot between Makkah and Almadina for his living.

Mohammad’s mother, Norah Nasser Alammash passed away in 1984, is from Albadaie in Qassim province. Her family were religious and knowledge. She belongs to Qahtan tribe. She played a major role in educating Mohammad to memorize Quran and keep learning and working.


Marriage & Children:

“My best times are those spent with my children and grand children”

Mohammad Alsubaie

Alsubaie got married the first time from Modee Aldamegh in 1358H. They got Luluah then Modee died. His second wife is Monerah Alsamahi in 1368H. They got 3 sons, Ibrahim, Nasser and Abdulaziz and 6 daughters, Huda, Haifa, Wafa, Maha, Nada and Nahlah.


Growing Up:

Mohammad was born and raised in Unaizah where he used to learn Quran in its mosques. He and his mother united with his father every 4 years for a period of 6 months only. Then the father leaves for work again in Almadinah Almonawarah. That is why his mother was considered a mother and a father at the same time for him and his brother Abdullah. Mohammad was beloved among his friends to the extent that he never troubled with a brother or friends.

“We used to learn with a wooden board and stick and a bottle of ink as well as a kind of clay to wipe the board. Learning takes place under a tree till afternoon when we all go home”

Mohammad Alsubaie

Traveling to Makkah:

When Mohammad’s father passed away in 1926, Mohammad was only 11 and his younger brother was 2 years old. Mohammad has to work to support his family, so he decided to go to Makkah where pilgrims & merchants from around the world gather there and for its closeness to Jeddah sea port. The journey took 27 days on camels.


Family Tree Alsubeaei: