Viewing Charity - محمد بن ابراهيم السبيعي

Alsubaie always believes in charity and was part of his business in giving Zakat as well as extras to those who needed. He makes sure that the money goes to needy people, so he and his brother established Subaie Charity Foundation in 2004 to make all charity activities robust and regulated. Mohammad instructed the staff to:

  • Deal with poor people modestly kindly.
  • Follow the guidelines and regulations of Saudi Arabia.
  • Seek reward from Allah.

Whenever there is a ceremony for the charity, he makes sure to attend it unless he is sick. He attended a ceremony once at the age of 95 years old.

One of the secret deeds of Alsubaie is scraping goats ever year for Mohammad Ibn Abdulwahhab, King Abdulaziz, Shaikh Abdulaziz Bin Baz and Skaikh Abdulaziz Bin Ibrahim.

Here are some of his participation of charity:

  • Provide consultations of charity activities.
  • Spread awareness of charity quality activities.
  • Set a prizes for charity pioneers, Quran memorizing and excellent knowledge seekers.
  • Donate for a scholarship of Islamic University in Madinah.
  • Created special diploma programs for Family Advisory with coordination of 3 universities.
  • Sign agreements with several Saudi universities to spread awareness of community voluntary service.
  • Establish institutions to prepare Quran female teachers in a number of Saudi provinces.
  • Build & finance elderly hospital in Unaizah with a capacity of 100 bed.
  • Prepare and operate moving clinics kingdom wide.
  • Create teams of doctors visiting rural areas to treat patients.
  • Educate 320 poor girls in Jazan to work in tailoring, makeup, Computer etc.
  • Educate 400 poor men to work in health or technical disciplines.
  • Freed 1500 prisoners who failed to pay their debts.
  • Take full responsibility of many orphans in Saudi Arabia.
  • Finance all marriage supporting projects kingdom wide.