Prominent Figures - محمد بن ابراهيم السبيعي

A businessman like Alsubaie would have many friends whom he has encountered during his life. To begin with, let us start with his brother Abdullah. Mohammad liked his brother a lot and cared for him, so he made him learn Quran and sent him to school and got him to work with him at the time of sharing the small store with Ibn Ghunaim without touching his partner’s share. Mohammed always remembers his brother tolerating his short tempered and feels grateful to his brother.

The strangest thing in the business world is that they both have the same signature (Mohammad & Abdullah Albrahim Alsubaie.

Mohammad was once asked in a press interview: “If you were to give your heart to someone, who would that person be?” he said: “I would give it to my brother Abdullah with all respect to my wife…!”

Sulaiman Alrajhi… the competing friend

“In 1957, the businessman Saleh Alrajhi sent his agent brother Sulaiman Alrajhi from Riyadh to do business with us. Since Sulaiman is going to Makkah during Hajj, he decided to be a pilgrim as well. Every day during hajj, Sulaiman disappears from down to sunset, and I asked him where he was? He used to say that he was looking for his uncle who performed hajj as well. At the end we discovered that he went to buy currencies from pilgrims as they were cheaper.” said Alsubaie.

Alsubaie & Ibn Baz

Skaikh Ibn Baz, who was a religious scholar in the Islamic world, used to visit Makkah every year for hajj or ceremonies, so they met and created a strong relationship to serve charity. Shaikh Ibn Baz had a number of accounts at Alsubaie company for different charity areas and he used to write checks without provision unintendedly. Nevertheless, Alsubaie ordered his employees to disburse them anyway due to the high trust between the two guys.