Advices - محمد بن ابراهيم السبيعي

Proudness of Islamic Culture:

Mohammad felt sorry when he knew that USA was discovered 350 years ago only and that its inhabitants were illiterate and yet they managed to pioneer in knowledge and lead the whole world. Japan is another example. However, our Islamic and Arabic region is still lagging behind even through it has a deep civilization of thousands of years. Some of nowadays scientists are immigrating to other western countries while their countries needed them more.


Advices to Youth:

Alsubaie tells the young generation to be honest and do their job perfectly depending on themselves only. They should be careful energetic just like early birds. He also warns them from being arrogant in a number of poems.


Family boundness, a means of wealth:

Mohammad keeps in touch with everybody in his extended family starting with his mother and little brother as he was working in Makkah eating the least to keep him alive and sleeping at the roof of his province man to save money or his small family.

He used to have a family gathering every Friday asking about them and their wellbeing although some of them are either younger or older by 30 years.