Perception of Wellbeing & Sickness - محمد بن ابراهيم السبيعي

Alsubaie believes in Allah’s fate; he has gone through sickness several times in his life, however, he takes a good care of himself. For instance, Dr. Suliman Alsuhaimi who had been his personal and family doctor or 3 decades, said: “Dealing with Alsubaie is a smooth pleasant experience! I remembered telling him that he is about to have diabetes unless he watches his diet, so he did perfectly to the extent that he did not need medications. I can call him (the ideal patient). He likes walking even after the age of 90 years old.”

Normally, patients prone to diabetes are not abide by doctors instructions when it comes to eating honey, but Mohammad only takes small amounts as directed by doctors. He is brave enough to have a knee surgery in 1992 when no one at his age would dare to.


Reacting To Bad Health News:

Having a strong belief of what Allah says: (Nothing would hurt us other than what Allah has decided) has helped Alsubaie a lot in taking any bad health news.


A Heart Attack In The Holy Mosque:

The love of the two holy mosques made Alsubaie visit them very often. One day he was in Makkah on April 2012 preparing to go to the holy mosque, when his nurse noticed arrhythmia, a disorder in heart rate. She tried to stop him from going but he did not care and kept saying: (Nothing would hurt us other than what Allah has decided). After the prayer, his grandson took him to hospital. Once they arrived there, they brought him a wheelchair, yet he insisted on walking as he was convinced that If someone is able to walk he should not surrender… walking keeps alive. He was transferred to one of Riyadh’s hospitals for the operation as he needed a heart regulator, he was saying: “O Allah the most kind, mercy your weak servant”


Visiting Sick People:

One of his great traits is the visiting of any sick person he knows either a family or a friend. When the sick told him that his visit is not necessary because they know it is a hussle for him, he replied by saying: “Do not deprive me from the reward of Allah”.