Early Struggle - محمد بن ابراهيم السبيعي

Being convinced that if anyone did not add anything to this life, he himself would be an unvalued addition. Therefore, Mohammad never rejected any type of job offered; he worked as a cook and a water carrier, nevertheless, his main objective is to be a leading businessman.

In Makkah, he started his first job at the age of 13 as a shopkeeper and got 8 Majidi Pounds for 10 months. Everyday after sunset, he carries water from Zubaidah spring to his uncle’s home for a very low wage.

Alsubaie was not satisfied with what he was paid, thus he left his uncle’s shop to seize other opportunities. He wanted to be recruited in the army but was not admitted because of his younger age. The next day, he worked as a builder for 9 qurshes a day. He got around to one of his friends, Ibrahim Alfuraih, to work as a labour superviser of King Abdulaziz Palace for one Majidi Riyal a day which is equal to 22 qurshes. Nonetheless, his ambition was higher than what he did… at that time, he said: “I thought about being a tailor just like others, but I couldn’t as a sawing machine was worth 160 riyals and I did not have that number”.

Alsubaie also worked as a carpet hawker, carrying it on his head roaming streets from dawn to sunset seeking someone to buy which does not always happen.

In 1931, financial minister, Shaikh Abdullah Suliman, on behalf of Makkah Emirate has announced 7 vacancies for Road Inspector jobs for customs control in Musaijeed village that is located between Makkah and Madinah, Mohammad was one of the chosen candidates, so he went to that village where he is paid 30 riyals a month as well as providing food, drink and accommodation.

“After a year and a half, when I have already settled in Musaijeed, I asked my mother to come with my little brother Abdullah, who was only 8 years old, to Madinah from Unaizah by a car. Once they arrived to Madinah, they were accommodated by Ali Alfuraih may Allah reward him. I borrowed a camel from my friend Mohammad Alahmady to travel and bring them. I was alone, in the middle of a night and during the journey I walked besides the camel who was scared to see my shadow and tried to flee. By the grace of Allah I held his rein to be saved from an inevitable death by the wolves” Alsubaie remembered.